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Incredible Immaculate

From widowed and scared to successful business woman and landlord, scholar Anisie’s mother, Immaculate, shows us what it means to harness your inner strength. With a joyful countenance, she has persevered in the face of hardship and grown into a powerful role model and leader. She and her children are living a very happy life and the community has seen the impact that Komera has had on this family!

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An Investment in Livine

When you invest in a young woman, what is your “return on investment”?  At Komera, it’s the change that happens in a young woman, in a mother, in a family, and in a community. It’s the story of the transformation of a young woman named Livine, when Komera invested in her future. From secondary school through university, Livine has grown into a powerful force of good for her family and community thanks to Komera’s investment in her dreams!

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