Our Approach

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Holistic Support

Komera’s model is different, because it’s comprehensive

Komera invests in the whole girl with a three-pillar approach, through education, community development, and sport. We are a community-driven organization that develops programs based on the needs of the community we serve. 

Our staff are dynamic Rwandan leaders who know and understand the challenges that young women face in their community of Rwinkwavu, Rwanda. We have been fighting for the rights of vulnerable young women for more than a decade.



We know that educated girls become successful women. But education is just the beginning, we use it as an access point to support her in all aspects of her life. A young woman should have access to healthcare, mentorship, community support and opportunities to develop her future.

We believe in the dreams of young women and invest in their potential.


We have been working in Rwinkwavu for a decade.

When a young woman is selected to enter our program, so does her family. Family or guardians participate in the Komera Guardian Co-Operative; a comprehensive program that focuses on economic development and social emotional learning.

The Komera Guardian Cooperative is led by the Parent Council - elected members who receive training and go out into their communities to train small savings groups on business and family management. We are proud of the over 50 small businesses that are currently functioning and transforming the lives of not only the Komera scholars, but their families.

As they say in Rwanda, "Turikumwe," we are in this together!

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Teach her she can run the world!

Sport is deeply ingrained in our work at Komera, not only to promote excellence but to promote female participation and play. We believe sport provides a unique opportunity to teach important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, as well as physical and emotional health. Participation in sports builds confidence!

We also use sport as a tool for development in our Pathway to Power Program with Comic Relief! Pathway to Power focuses on three main programs including: Adolescent mothers Advancement, Primary 5 Sports Activation and the Nabaccu Parent Program.