Education is not a silver-bullet solution

At Komera, we know that education will not provide everything she needs. When a young woman is selected into the Komera program, so is her family. In order to engage in supporting a young woman, we must also include her family and the community. We hope to change the narrative for everyone.

Komera Parent and Guardian Cooperative

Our investment goes beyond each individual girl; it includes her family as well. We hope to ignite sustainable growth and economic stability for each scholar and her family. Upon acceptance into Komera, the parents and guardians of each scholar are invited to join the Komera Parent and Guardian Cooperative, where they gain business skills, financial advice, and join a specific cooperative that strengthens their voice and spending ability. 

Parents are advocates for girls in our community, and are leading the way in addressing sensitive cultural norms that limit opportunities for girls. The cooperative members save money together to launch small businesses, and Komera provides training for them to become savvy business owners. The cooperative has grown to over 100 parents and 50 business ventures boasting some impressive results for the community.

91% have seen improvement in their families through:

o   Constructing new homes or rehabilitating old homes

o   Building sanitary facilities like toilets and washing stations in their home

o   Building a safe, clean kitchen cooking space

o   Installing solar on their homes for electricity

o   Purchasing animals and land

85% of parents have been able to send additional children to school or support additional children with required school materials and supplies

91% of parents saw an increase in health and wellbeing of their entire family based on:

o   Ability to purchase health insurance and receive medical care

o   Eating a more balanced diet and benefiting from a consistent food supply

97% are more involved in the lives of their children in school and at home

The Komera Cooperative is completely led by Komera guardians and parents. Growth over the past ten years has been incremental and is proof that we need to engage communities including men and boys in the development narrative for girls. Learn more about Jean Baptiste and his journey with Solange here!