Primitive's Parenting Power

Primitive is the mother to scholar Martha, and she is from the Komera Parent Cooperative group in the Nyankora cell of the Rwinkwavu Sector. She is a very hard-working woman who is THRIVING in the Parent Cooperative program.


Primitive and her husband have four children with different interests and distinct needs. The pair worked hard on their farm to send all their kids to school, but when Primitive’s husband got sick with Tuberculosis, it was too much for her to tend the farm on her own.

It wasn’t until joining the Komera Parent Cooperative that Primitive was able to adjust the family farm land to suit their new needs. Through her own tomato business, she has started harvesting twice per week, and she is able to support her family.

Primitive benefited from a loan offered from Komera as part of the program. Each small group with in the coop is offered a small loan to get their businesses off the ground. Primitive and her group already paid off their first loan and qualified for a second in November 2018. This second loan is to the individual, allowing them to practice their own business. This is where Primitive has really shined, starting her tomato garden and creating a system for her market sales. In 2019, she hopes to expand her business and to implement an irrigation system, which will better protect her product and her family from the effects of climate change! Her innovative, forwarding thinking plan is an inspiration to her cohort members and to the whole community!

I learned new business skills from Komera trainings! I never thought I could farm tomatoes before due to culture beliefs that such businesses is done by men, not women.

Primitive began the program with an open mind and lots of ambition. As such, she was able to benefit from the many topics covered in the curriculum, including gender parity. Her small group within the cooperative provided her a chance to foster meaningful connections with other parents in her district. Together, they explored complicated topics and expanded what they though possible. Primitive was able to challenge existing stereotypes, break down barriers, and gain crucial self-confidence!

“I gained self-confidence, even though I never went to school. I don’t let this prevent me from participating in community meetings and speaking up to ask questions.”

Primitive is very thankful for the skills she gained in the Komera Parent Cooperative. With her new business she has been able to support Martha’s elder sister and younger brother in school, as well as renovate their house! Her business savvy mind and innovative thinking will take her far, and she is an inspiration to all!

Primitive in front of her newly renovated home!

Primitive in front of her newly renovated home!