Transformational Scholarships

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In order for a young woman to thrive, we have to invest in her future and her potential. This means we not only create access for her to attend secondary school, but we also ensure she has the support she needs to stay in school. Our comprehensive scholarships include all of her school materials and living materials, healthcare, transportation and a deep belief in her future. She needs to know that there will be steps beyond her education that she can take to reach her dreams.

Young women are selected by a committee of local community members who know and understand the system. They know that financial barriers to success are a huge challenge, and young women in particular need assistance. Komera partners with some of the best public schools in Rwanda because we believe in investing in the Rwandan school system. Read about our investment in the FAWE school Science Lab!

In addition to school, Komera invests in Leadership Academies for our students, school-based mentors and one-on-one support from our amazing social worker, Ruth!

We don’t stop at secondary school - we also invest in her post-secondary dreams. This means we nurture HER choice, whether it be university, starting a business, getting a job or starting a family.


Primary School

We know that in order to support young women, we have to start early. Our team travels to nearby elementary schools, teaching leadership and introducing topics such as girls’ rights, sexual reproductive health, and hygiene to both boys and girls.

Have you heard about our partnership with Comic Relief and our work with boys and girls in fifth grade and using soccer as a tool to learn about bodies, treating one another with respect and child rights? Learn more here >


Secondary School

Annually, Komera selects between 20-30 young women to join the Komera Scholar program with a full scholarship to a local secondary school, starting at Senior 4 through graduation of Senior 6. We select bright scholars who are dedicated to continuing their education but would not be able afford the fees associated with secondary school. Our scholars attend public boarding schools and receive all the materials needed for success, including school supplies, uniforms, and personal and feminine hygiene products. 

Komera currently has 70 young women in our Secondary School Scholarship Program! Sponsor a Komera scholar >



Komera believes in the power of training young women about health, but we understand that it takes consistent reinforcement to affect true systematic change.

Once a Komera Scholar starts school, we want to ensure that she stays there. We train teachers to be Komera mentors at each of the nine boarding schools in the Kayonza District that Komera scholars attend.

Every week the Komera mentor meets with the scholars to support them in handling financial, social, and academic problems. These meetings also give our scholars the chance to learn about sexual and reproductive health, relationships, and gender-based violence in a safe space. They are an essential part of the program and ensure that our scholars remain happily in school.



Komera hosts three Leadership Summits for scholars during their school break periods in August, December and April. The leadership curriculum differs at each summit, based on the scholars’ needs and the objectives of the team at the time. The focus of the lessons include: leadership skills, hygiene, reproductive health, prevention of early pregnancies, career and talent development, goal setting, storytelling, behavior change, and training to become social change agents.
We invite Rwandan professionals to come and share their life journeys and their wisdom. These summits have proven to greatly impact our young women and prepare them for their future. During the summits, students get to know each other, share their life journey, vision and goals and experience; they also have fun practicing sports and performing talents shows.


Post Secondary Transition Program (PSTP) 

The PSTP trains young women fresh out of high school on lessons that will prepare them for their next step, be it university, getting a great job, or starting their own business.

There is a nine-month gap between graduation from secondary school and starting university, and the PSTP fills that time with valuable training that will help no matter what their next step may be. Coursework includes computer training, English language training, and finance and business development. Komera has begun a partnership with the Workforce Development Association (WDA), in Rwanda to supplement our training by providing specific courses in hospitality and tourism.

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Our scholars are not only graduating and thriving in secondary school - they are being accepted into university!

Young women need to know that if they invest in their education, the sky is the limit. We currently have 55 young women in university with scholarships, and that number continues to grow!

Have you heard about Solange? Hear her story in her own words in this inspiring video!

Education, By The Numbers


Research shows that when we invest in women and girls, there is a profound ripple effect that improves their families, communities, and countries. For instance:

To date Komera has graduated 105 young women from secondary school and can boast a 95% graduation rate. With the average annual per capita income of $1,617 in Rwanda, many families would not have the ability to cover the annual school fees of $750. The Komera scholars are attending boarding schools, which alleviates the costs of home care (food, clothing, healthcare) for their families. Many of the students have been taken out of abject poverty or other difficult living situations, having never had the opportunity to attend school on a consistent basis. Interviews with Komera scholars show a consistent increase in happiness and hope for the future. Komera has a 95% graduation rate, and 61% of our students have gone on to university! Our most recent class had a 100% graduation rate!