Benoit the Brave!

Scholar Diane with her father Benoit

Scholar Diane with her father Benoit

Benoit lives in Kable sector with his wife Francine and 5 children. When their daughter Diane excelled in her exams, the family was so proud! But they also realized her education may not not continue because they could not afford to pay the high costs associated with secondary school. With the support of her family, Diane applied for a scholarship from Komera. After the long selection process, they received the news: Diane would be a Komera scholar! The family was so excited! Diane began attending the prestigious Fawe Girls School with dreams of becoming a business woman!

Diane’s father Benoit joined the Komera Guardian Cooperative. He was working as a house builder and with some trainings on investment and savings he quickly was able to contribute a lot to the group. The savings group received a loan and started an agri-business! With this new business, they could buy crops and sell produce at a higher price. Benoit used the small loan to create greater change, and impact the future of his family! He built a new house for the family and can now afford to send their other children to school! Benoit values education for both his sons AND daughters! Both Benoit and Francine have also begun teaching their children the importance of sexual reproductive health and hygiene! He is a leader in the Komera parents saving group as well as a role model in his community!

Benoit is just one of many amazing Komera dads.

Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there supporting the education and dreams of their daughters!