Learning is a Lifelong Journey: The Success Story of Scholar Perajie


Learning is a Lifelong Journey:

The Success Story of Scholar Perajie

Perajie was born in Rwanda in 1982. When the genocide began in 1994, she was just entering her teen years and finishing Primary Four (P4) in school. She and her family fled to the Congo, and sadly, she was unable to finish her education. Until now. Perajie is a high performing Komera scholar and inspiration that learning is truly a lifelong journey!

After two years living in the Congo, Perajie returned to Rwanda, but social stigma surrounding her age and gender prevented her from returning to school at that time. Instead, she married young and started a family with her husband. The pair now have 5 children, three boys and two girls, and they live in Rwinkwavu, supporting their family as farmers.

However, at age 36, Perajie still felt something was missing. As a child, she had loved to study when she was younger, and she had a knack for languages. The more she heard people speaking in English and listened to news on the radio, the more her desire to return to her studies grew. So, she discussed with her husband, and they decided to see how to find a way to get her back in school, managing her school fees and those of their children. Before she could begin her studies again, Peragie also had to ask the school leaders if they would accept a student of her age. She would need to start in Primary 5, where most students are 12-14 years old.

She worried what they would reject her, but nevertheless, she stepped boldly into the school and made her case. She promised to study hard and to be a model student, and she has not disappointed on this commitment. Perajie regularly finishes 1st in her class and inspires other students with her love of learning. Her goal is to finish secondary school and enter university. Ultimately, she hopes to serve her community as a social worker, drawing on her passions for language and supporting children or families.


“All of the topics we study will protect the children from falling in the challenges that cause kids not to reach their goals.” – Perajie

Perajie is an inspiration for us and a reminder of the heart of our mission! She recently thanked Komera for the range of topics they received training on in the Pathway to Power school and sport program. She especially loves sports, which she once thought were only for children, but like learning, she now sees as a great space to explore and play at any age! She also shared that, as a result of her studies, she is also growing as a mother. She has gained new skills on how to raise children, and she is eager to study reproductive health.

She believes in generating last change in her community and lives out this commitment each day.

We are so honored to have Perajie as a Komera scholar and cannot wait to see where she takes her bold, brilliant, powerful mind next!