Komera One Pager 2014

How we do it:

1. We create opportunity and promote personal choice

  • Provide opportunities for education
  • Provide opportunities for economic and social improvement
  • Promote space for personal fulfillment.
  • Ensure that the scholars are aware of their options


2. We take responsibility locally and internationally

  • We take responsibility to have a positive, measurable impact
  • We respond to the community we serve.
  • We have a responsibility to act in the face of an unjust world


3. We cultivate transparent partnerships

  • We build partnerships to operate our programs efficiently and sustainably
  • We rely on local support and expertise


4. We value the complete person

  • We recognize that every girl has a unique past, present and future
  • Success is not a number or the achievement of a specific metric, but rather the sum of an individual’s growth and her realized potential.


5. We value sport as a tool for inspiration.

  • brings people together
  • develops dedication
  • provides energy of spirit


komera scholar sponsorship

Sponsor a Komera Scholar!

You can give right now to empower Rwandan girls to break the cycle of poverty. All it takes to send a girl in Rwanda to secondary school for one year is $750 – that’s just $1.37 a day to help a young girl rewrite her future out of poverty. Read more about how you can become a Komera sponsor today!

If you would like to be matched with a Komera Scholar please email us directly at info@komera.org

Thank you for you support of our programs!