We Develop Self-Confident Young Women

Through Education, Community and Sport

We believe that young women have the right to lead change in their community

To experience the joy of self-discovery, and to realize their potential

By focusing on deep rather than wide impact, Komera invests in every aspect of a young woman’s life in order to encourage her success.

In Rwanda “KOMERA” means “be strong, have courage”


A literate mother has a 50% higher chance that her child will survive past the age of 5.


Sponsor a Komera Scholar and invest in her future, her family and her entire community.


Start a movement in your community. What can YOU do to to get involved?

Meet a Komera Scholar

A Komera Scholar is selected by the local government, school representative and the Komera team. She is a talented young woman who has succeeded in school but is no longer able to attend due to financial barriers.

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  • Solange


  • April 8th, 2016

I try my best to visit all of the parents of new Komera scholars […]

  • Meet the 2016 Komera Scholars!

Meet the 2016 Komera Scholars!

  • February 25th, 2016

Ready for happiness overload?! We have 26 smiling young women to introduce you to- the Komera […]