One of the distinctive aspects of Komera is its emphasis on empowerment and positive body image through sport.

Then and Now

komera global runIn 2008, Margaret Butler, our founder and Executive Director, organized a girls-only fun run to support girls’ education and empowerment. Soon after, she started Komera and began sponsoring the secondary school education of ten girls thanks to the generous donations of friends and family. What began as a fun run for girls in our district of Rwanda has developed into the annual Komera Global Run, where groups of people all over the world run in solidarity with the Komera scholars to show their support for girls’ empowerment and education.

The 2017 Komera Global Run

KGR brooklynIn 2017 we hosted the Komera Global Run (KGR) in Rwanda and three major US cities- San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Boston! The KGR gives us the chance to raise awareness of Komera and its message, through advertisement of the runs and social media outreach. We are very proud of the large increase in race participants over the past years, and the addition of awesome sponsors such as Suki (all natural skin care products), Drink Maple (nutrient water), and Health Warrior (chia bars).

Check out the Komera Global Run page to find out about next year’s run!

Komera Girls Soccer Team

In 2016 we launched the FIRST ever girls soccer team in Rwinkwavu, Rwanda. The team was organized by our Post-Secondary Transition students who lead the practices and encourage young girls in the community to join. The team brings together local primary school girls to play, learn and build community together. Youth come for the soccer and stay to learn and discuss different topics each week like sexual health and developing positive relationships. The soccer team practices every Wednesday night and Komera has recruited a local female coach to keep us in shape!

Empowerment Everyday

Komera global run 2014Sport plays a role during the Komera camps. The scholars are encouraged to exercise outdoors in the mornings. Whether they choose to walk, run, play games, or any other physical activity, Komera wants our girls to be active every day! And ENJOY being active! At Komera, we don’t care about winning the race (though that’s very nice), or being the best or the most coordinated. We care about effort and finding personal strength through sport!