We are proud to introduce our Komera Parent Cooperative!

10014662_10154011179640154_6053491761152909100_nKomera generates programs based on what the scholars, parents, and mentors say they need; so when the parents expressed their desire to begin a cooperative, Komera hired a business director to help them implement their ideas. The cooperative grows mushrooms and raises goats with the objectives to fight poverty collaboratively through social entrepreneurship and empower the Komera parents to contribute to the education that their daughters receive.

In April the parents agreed that they needed training on growing mushrooms so they found two young volunteers to help. The facilitators trained them on a variety of topics about mushroom growth, harvesting, and sale. Over the past months the mushroom projects have progressed well. The parents earned enough money from selling the mushrooms to buy 350 pens for the scholars!

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 4.43.31 PMThere are eight groups of five members raising one goat per group. One Komera mother, Jeanne d’Arc, told our program director that she is happy having a goat because she realized that raising goats will help her solve some monetary issues in terms of both her and her children’s needs.


IMG_2512There are fifty-nine cooperative members, fourteen males and forty-five females. Each month all the members meet to discuss how the projects are progressing. At the meetings some of the main talking points were sharing experiences and challenges, collecting savings for goat husbandry, and learning the health benefits of mushrooms. Within the umbrella group are five different clusters of parents who work together. This ensures that the parents have the support that they need to maintain their projects. We strive to create an environment of encouragement, collaboration, and cooperation among the students, parents, and everybody who is involved in Komera.