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How to Survive Climate Change in Rural Uganda

Komera visited Village Enterprise, a small business incubator in Uganda, to learn how to develop successful businesses in challenging climate, and how we can apply similar tactics to our Komera Parent Cooperative in Rwanda. It will take innovate entrepreneurs and invested community based organizations to tackle climate change!


Making an Impact: Knowing When to Scale and When to Not

Leila de Bruyne, founder of Flying Kites, writes a compelling article based on a conversation with Margaret Butler about scale. Small, community-based organizations often feel pressure to scale, and look at breadth instead of depth, to compete for funding opportunities. 



Boston Mayor Walsh Announces Winners of Boston’s EXTRAordinary Women Campaign

On International Women’s Day, Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced the winners of the EXTRAordinary Women Campaign, led by the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement. Komera’s founder and Executive Director Margaret Butler was selected as one of the women that do extraordinary work within the Boston community.


Everyday Hero: Margaret Butler Making Sure Rwanda’s Girls Aren’t Left Behind

Educating girls is critical for their future, but going to school is just a dream for girls in many countries. This week’s Everyday Hero, Margaret Butler, was recently recognized by U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama for Butler’s work empowering young women. Robin Gill reports.


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First Lady Michelle Obama Announces New Commitments To The U.S. Government’s Let Girls Learn Initiative

Heidrick & Struggles, a worldwide executive search firm, is partnering with Komera, an adolescent girls’ leadership program in rural Rwanda that develops self-confidence in young women through education, communities of support and sports.


Komera Part of Girls CHARGE effort by Brookings Institute

The Brookings Institute announced a new program at the Clinton Global Initiative, Girls CHARGE: Collaborative for Harnessing Ambition and Resources for Girls’ Education. Komera was selected as a member of this collaborative effort.


Christian Science Monitor

Margaret Butler puts girls on track to succeed
Komera supports education for girls in Rwanda, where few can afford secondary school. Komera Executive Director, Margaret Butler, spoke to Kendra Nordin of The Christian Science Monitor about the evolution of Komera from 2008 until today.


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Leadership Lessons: Powering the Future of Rwanda’s Girls

Komera is on a mission- to put the power for change into the hands of Rwanda’s impoverished women through education and leadership.

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Talk! with Marie Presents Margaret Butler Komera Executive Director and Founder

On today’s show, Marie interviews Margaret Butler, Komera Executive Director and Founder. Ms. Butler brings a background in teaching, international development and non-profit management to Komera. 



Inspiring Young Girls Through the Power of Running
We use running as a tool to inspire, unify and connect people around the world. This year we will host our 5th girls’ fun run in Rwanda and we are asking our friends around the world to participate.



Komera Project Our Story
Through our video, we hope you are as inspired as we were to see the great work the Komera Project is doing to support young Rwandan women receive an education and promote global women empowerment.


Margaret Butler and the rotary run for rwanda
On Thursday, August 16, Margaret Butler spoke to the Rotary Club of Bowen Island about the program she founded. On August 25 the Rotary Run For Rwanda is in support of KOMERA.



Rotary run for rwanda 2011
Over the past 4 years we have learned a lot about girls’ education in Rwanda. We have found that there are many girls who have been forced to drop out of school due to financial or social duress and we believe that we are in a unique position to provide them with an opportunity to return to school.


Running in Rwanda fuels Islander’s educational Komera project
Margaret Butler is not one to sit still when people around her can use a leg up. The 32-year-old Butler, who moved to Bowen when she was two and is now based in Boston, founded an organization that provides educational opportunities to young women in Rwanda.


Run for Rwanda supports girls’ education
It has become a tradition to start Bowfest day with a run for a good cause. At 8:30 a.m. on August 24, the start signal will sound for the children’s run and at 9:00 for others, both runners and walkers, determined to help girls get an education in Rwanda.

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