We believe girls all around the world should have the opportunity to learn and realize their own personal potential.

The KOMERA GLOBAL RUN is a global movement of people around the world coming together to MOVE in support of girls’ education + empowerment. What began as a fun run for girls in a small village of Rwanda has developed into a global run for girls’ empowerment around the world!

Komera empowers young women in Rwanda by using sport as a tool to teach her she can #RunTheWorld! 

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Thank you for running the world with us in 2017!

We ran 2,863 miles in 4 cities for the Komera Global Run 2017! Click on a city below to see photos from the run.





Facts about Girls’ Education


Girls with secondary education are 6 times less likely to be married as children.

International Center for Research on Women, 2006.


If all girls had a secondary education, there would be two-thirds fewer child marriages.

EFA Global Monitoring Report, 2012.


A literate mother has a 50% higher chance that her child will survive past the age of 5.

UNESCO, 2011.