We believe in the power that community has towards the Scholars’ success. As such, we place a great deal of emphasis on community-based programs and strive to create an environment of encouragement and collaboration.

Leadership Summits

140613_KOMERA-GFR061The Komera Scholars attend three Leadership Summits per year during their school breaks. We believe that building a Komera family is essential to the success of our scholars. Students come together to share experiences, learn about leadership and discuss their dreams for the future. A key part of these summits is our focus on sexual reproductive health. We provide our students with a safe space to learn, ask questions and take charge of their bodies.

We also incorporate SPORT into all of our leadership summits…Komera Scholar Vestine said it best “A healthy body means a healthy heart and a healthy mind”. In June we host a very special leadership summit called the Komera Global Run! We host over 300 female students from local schools to participate in a girls only fun run. It’s followed by a Leadership summit that is curated and hosted by the Komera Scholars!

East African Girls Leadership Summit

east african girls summitEast African Girls Leadership Summit, otherwise known as The Urumuri Dadas, is an annual leadership summit held in Nairobi, Kenya. Komera, a founding partner of the summit, joins forces with seven other organizations annually to come together with students across East Africa over the span of four full days.

Topics of the summit include the value of their personal stories, the plague of gender-based violence in their own communities and solutions for taking action against the systems that hold them back. Students learn from a wealth of speakers who share their own stories and fill the “Urumuri Dadas” with inspiration and ideas for their futures. The scholars worked together to develop their own leadership skills and learn how young women from Eastern Africa share so many dreams.

We believe that bringing young women together to learn, collaborate and discuss their local social problems will result in the development of a powerful community of young female leaders.

Komera Parent Co-operative

komera parent cooperativeIn 2010, Komera parents and guardians came together to start their own small business. The parents wanted to use their collective voice and power to launch their own business to help support the Komera Scholars. In 2014, Komera committed to help support the parents with training and small loans to help expand the co-operative.

Today, the Komera Parent Co-operative has grown to a hundred members! Parents have been successful in harvesting and selling mushrooms and rearing goats. The cooperative members receive ongoing training on saving, investing and other skills to help them make smart business choices. In 2016, the Parent Co-operative is launching ten new businesses!! Each year the parents contribute to the Komera scholars’ back to school materials by saving to purchase pens, handkerchiefs or other needed items!

Community Empowerment Program

Komera’s newest program launched in 2016 to engage and support our community. We are reaching hundreds of youth through our empowerment program in partnership with local elementary schools. Komera staff visits primary schools and leads training sessions on leadership, girls’ rights, sexual & reproductive health, hygiene and other important topics. Part of the empowerment program includes service projects to help the most vulnerable people in the community by giving food, repairing shelter, building sanitation facilities and other critical needs.  The Community Empowerment Program aims to work with youth and adolescents in our district and teach our scholars the importance of giving back to society.