The Beginning of a New Chapter for Desire

Komera welcomed 20 new scholars into the Komera family in January! Each has a unique and inspiring story of strength, determination & courage. Meet one of our new students, Desire, and learn how she overcame unimaginable challenges to continue her education!

For most of her life, Desire lived a modest, happy life at home with her mother. By trading goods […]

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Muraho, Katie!

We are excited to welcome a new member to the Komera family!

My name is Katie Journeay and I am a student at Emmanuel College in Boston. I am majoring in International Studies, concentrating on justice and sustainability. I learned about this position through BNID (Boston Network for International Development) and knew it would be a great fit. I am […]

Incredible Immaculate

A happier widow is Nyirakadeli Immaculate. She is a Komera parent who has gone through a journey of success after her family joined Komera.  Immaculate belongs in Mbarara Komera parent saving group in Gacaca Village, Rwinkwavu sector. This Komera Cooperative group works together to buy crops, beans and maize and resell at the local market. Immaculate has 5 children- making […]

An Investment in Livine

When you invest in a young woman, what is your “return on investment”? 

At Komera, it’s the change that happens in a young woman, in a mother, in a family, and in a community.

It’s the story of the transformation of a young woman named Livine, when Komera invested in her future.

Livine grew up in a dirt home with very little […]

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