Komera welcomed 20 new scholars into the Komera family in January! Each has a unique and inspiring story of strength, determination & courage. Meet one of our new students, Desire, and learn how she overcame unimaginable challenges to continue her education!

For most of her life, Desire lived a modest, happy life at home with her mother. By trading goods at the market, her mother was able to support Desire’s education and provide all the basic necessities of life. They didn’t have much, but they had each other.

In 2016, Desire’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, leaving their family with financial and emotional hardships. As medical bills stacked up, they were forced to sell many of their belongings. Barely able to provide basic needs, Desire’s mother still found a way to pay her daughter’s tuition fees, and Desire continued on through school. It was incredibly important for her to see her daughter receive the education that she never had.

Sadly, Desire’s mother lost her battle with cancer and passed away in 2017, leaving Desire alone. Many questions flooded Desire’s mind; Where she would live? Who would support her? And how she could possibly continue her education?

With strength and dignity, Desire not only passed her senior three exams… she excelled! She scored at the top of her class. Desire’s uncle invited her to move into their home and live in Rwinkwavu village with he and his family.

Desire and her uncle were determined to find opportunities for her. Applying and being accepted at Komera has given Desire a second chance to start a new chapter of her life. She hopes access to education allows her to support her uncle and his family. Desire has a big heart, and in the future, she dreams of providing educational opportunities to other vulnerable children in her community.