A happier widow is Nyirakadeli Immaculate. She is a Komera parent who has gone through a journey of success after her family joined Komera.  Immaculate belongs in Mbarara Komera parent saving group in Gacaca Village, Rwinkwavu sector. This Komera Cooperative group works together to buy crops, beans and maize and resell at the local market. Immaculate has 5 children- making it a large family to support of 6 people, herself inclusive.  

Immaculate with daughter Anisie

After the death of her husband, Immaculate lost all the hope of living with her family because all the support and income for the family was based on the husband. She did not know how her daughter Mutoniwase Anisie will proceed her secondary studies. Fortunately, Komera came in and supported her child. As a mother of a Komera Scholar, she was invited to join the Parent Cooperative Group where she learnt a lot through parents trainings

Before joining Komera Cooperative, she was living a desperate life with no hope where she could not join others, not work, and not provide for her family. Her house was old and not in good state and she could not manage the upkeep of the home to keep her children safe and healthy.

Komera Scholar Anisie

It was after Komera parent trainings, that she learnt how to work in a group, learnt saving skills and you can’t believe how her life changed completely.  Through savings, she managed to take the two young brothers to Anisie to school, and one elder brother to a vocational driving school in Rwamagana where he managed to get a driving permit. With this permit, he is now able to get a good job. Immaculate is so happy that all of her children will be educated and now have new opportunities. 



Immaculate also managed to renovate their home for the family to live in. With new windows and doors and improved conditions, the family health has improved.

With business skills learned in cooperative training, Immaculate saved and purchased a small plot of land. She then resold this land – doubling the price and making a large profit! With this and her savings from the crop business, she built a commercial house.

The building Immaculate built

The house has 3 stalls for businesses and shops, and Immaculate will rent out 2 of the spaces to local business owners, and then operate her business of selling crops out of the 3rd stall. Now that she is a property owner, she will collect income from renting out the spaces and also from her produce business.

Today, they are living a very happy life and the community has seen the impact that Komera had on this family and the community.