Consolee graduated from secondary school in December and is now part of our Post Secondary Transition Program. This is her story about how she was able to excel since joining Komera.

“Before Komera I was always absent from school because getting scholastic materials was hard. I could not get books and pens. I also worked so hard at home in activities like cooking and farming; both my parents are unable to do anything because they have physical impairments.  I was never very happy in my daily life. I sometimes I got lonely and tears filled my eyes. I thought about how I would be able to learn like other children but had no answer.

I had the goal in my soul that if I could become the Minister of Education, I would cater to children with difficult lives.

I remembered it was in primary six (6th Grade) after passing exams, Komera started to support me. After joining Komera, the problem of school materials was solved, I started learning successfully, and happiness came. I attended school regularly because I had joined boarding school and I got trainings from camp that raised my strength to work hard in my studies.

I was in Rukara secondary school and my studies were going on successfully and I passed national exams for ordinary level (9th Grade). That’s when I joined ZAZA TTC. Komera kept on supporting my studies and my daily life. I tried to work hard, I received help from my mentor and I got good results that made it possible to pursue a teaching carrier.

I excelled due to the cooperation with other students – we worked hard together, my results are so good!

I excelled highly and I thank Komera for supporting my education. At university, I want to continue with a career in education, to be able to give back to thousands of Rwandese children in education.

My advice to all children out there and those supported by Komera is to work hard, have goals and work to achieve them, and have discipline in your daily life. With this you can pass highly.”