Claire graduated in December from secondary school and is now part of our Post Secondary Transition Program. This is her story, or as she calls it, her life journey:

“My name is Claire, I am from Ruramira sector and I am a Komera scholar. My life before joining Komera was too hard and bad to imagine. Getting school fees and school materials was difficult for me and my family. At school, they would send me home when I could not afford to pay on time. I would not resist and when I got home I would cry for my parents to get me books. After joining Komera, my life became better because I had everything I needed in my studies.

Because of what I had experienced, I studied hard and there was nothing that could stand in my way. I always aimed for high marks since that was the only way it would be possible for me to study what I wanted in university – civil engineering.

I thank Komera for supporting me in trying to achieve my goal, and for the different trainings that have made me who I am today. What I can tell my fellow girls is that nothing is impossible if they work hard, so they have to work hard in order to achieve what they want.”