Antoinette is a new Komera scholar selected in 2017. She lives with her Mother, two brothers and sister. They survive on the food that they are able to grow.

Her father recently passed away leaving behind a very high debt with the local bank. The bank has since claimed their family home leaving them with nothing and no ability to send Antoinette or her siblings to school.

It is not the first time Antoinette heard of Komera. Last year she participated in the Komera Global Run and WON! As her prize she won books, a school bag and pens, which had an immediate impact on her life. She realized she was a good runner and decided to again participate in a local athletics competition where she won prize money that helped her register for the national examinations and complete her primary exams.

She was running for her education.

When Antoinette was selected as a Komera scholar the elation and tears were incredible. She can now run for joy and not to save her life.