She thought life was over for her, with her disability combined with poverty, she never used to dream of ever sitting in a class with children of the rich and study looking at a brighter future. This is how Levocate who goes to APPEKA a private school in Kabarondo starts narrating her story.

Levocate says even though she had the desire to study, she really couldn’t afford it. She started working in pub so that she would get some money to help her only parent, her mother, who was also sick. She had no hope for the future, only that she knew that one day she would maybe get married to some poor man and the cycle would continue.

Levocate tells her story – “But one day, an angel came to me and I was told The Komera Project would send me back to school, I did not believe it at first. Could this organization take me to school and pay for a poor girls like me? And yes they took me back to school, gave me materials like sanitary pads, shoes, books and pens and many other things. Now I go to school and nobody notices that am from a poor family. I am really very happy and I thank Komera project and Aunt Margaret for loving us Komera girls and giving us very many things, we love komera and we love you!”

Levocate is one of 75 Komera scholars who receives a full scholarship and support services. During her school breaks she participates in our leadership development program and our social entrepreneurship program.

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